Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hurray for Ping Pong

Sushi or dim sum, that was the question and dim sum in the case won, helped along by the fact that I had just received an email from Ping Pong offering every 4 dish for free!  The girls and I went to the St Christophers Place branch on James Street near Bond Street station and we were not disappointed by the food on offer.  Unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures, but suffice to say that the dim sum looked pretty.

Freebies :)
The restaurant itself was 'typical' Ping Pong, all dark wood and stools to sit on.  The one thing that let this branch of Ping Pong down was the toilets which for my tall friend were a hazard as she has to semi crouch to get to the toilet without incurring a head injury.  The toilets themselves were clean although strangely arranged with a communal sink and the men's cubicles off the left and the women's off to the right.  One of the toilet cubicles had a strange hole in the wall which had been covered offer with gaffer tape?!?
Chicken shu mai
Back to the food:  Things got off to a good start when we were offered free prawn crackers and dipping sauces.  The three of us went a little crazy with the pencil and paper and chose 13 different dishes.  Stand out dishes were the roast pork puffs which were just amazing dipped in chilli sauce, the spicy vegetable dumpling and the spinach and mushroom dumping which were just light mouthfuls of delicious-ness!  I was also told that the chive dumplings were amazing.
Roast pork puff
Not such a success, for us anyway, were the crispy duck spring rolls which were a little dry and chewy and the squid in satay sauce which really didn't taste of anything.

We finished off with the praline layered chocolate cake which was lovely and light with a slight biscuity texture which I loved and dragon eye tea which looked beautiful but tasted as you would expect like a flower patch! 
Dragon eye tea
Praline layered chocolate cake
The service at Ping Pong was great, really attentive but discreet service which was just right. We had a bit of banter with our waitress which is always nice too.

Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 4/5 -although the voucher helped!
Ambience: 3/5 - let down by the toilets.
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