Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Panna's What a Palavar!

My family and I have been going to Pannas's Indian Resturant for a few years now and until our last visit was a restaurant that we have enjoyed going to.  Recently, we decided to take my cousin, his wife and my nephew there for our annual Raksha Bandhan celebration.

We booked a table for 8 people for 18:30, however when we got there we were shown to a table suitable for 6, we brought this to to the staffs attention and were told that the table was all that was available due to the fact that we needed wheelchair access.  We had a few issues with this statement:
  1. The restaurant was almost empty,
  2. The people that were sitting at the end of the table given couldn't tuck their legs in as there was a bar going across the bottom of the table, and finally, 
  3. With 8 people around the table there was hardly any space for food.
Eventually, after threatening to leave we were told that there was a bigger table available, however we had to finish by 21:00 and there were a couple of steps up to the table.  This was fine for my family and I and with a bit of manoeuvring we finally settled down to order our dinner at 19:00. 

We placed our order around 19:15 and then proceeded to wait 45 minutes for our food to arrive.  Another larger party of people arrived after us and were served before us, so as you can imagine we were starting to get a little twitchy!

Then to top things off, the highchair we were given was filthy and there was dust on the window ledge behind us.  I don't mind a bit of wear and tear but I do expect the places that I eat to be clean!

The Food:

So, we move on to the food.  Overall the food was OK but nowhere close to as good as what we have had before, this may have been due to the fact that we were so hungry and wolfed the food down.  The chilli chips were as good as always, although the portions were a little smaller than what we have received before at Panna's ditto the Garlic Chilli Paneer.

The only thing were unable to eat was the Vegetable Manchuria which had far too much lemon in it.  The Chole was nice and tasty and the naan nice and fresh.  A special mention goes out for the chutneys that were served with the Fried Popadom, the chilli chutney in particular was great with just the right amount of kick and spice.

Overall, we left Panna's a little deflated and disappointed and we are uncertain whether we will make the effort to go there again.

Food: 3/5
Service: 0/5
Price: 3/5 
Ambience: 0/5
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