Friday, 31 August 2012

Real Techniques Make-up Brushes

I'm in love, aww... so romantic, until you realise that I'm in love with my new make-up brushes.  Like a lot of people I dip in and out of YouTube watching videos of talented people putting make up (OK, sometimes not so talented) and I saw a bit of a pattern emerging.  A lot of people were raving about Real Techniques Make-up Brushes.  So, off I trotted to my local Boots and had a look at what was on offer.  I bought two brushes - the stippling brush (£11.99) and the blush brush (£9.99).  I've been looking for a decent blush brush for a while, my last one decided to die ungracefully and the bristles fell out.  I ended up making do with a travel Mac blush brush but just didn't find it effective as the bristles were just too open and loose for me.  Well, personally the Real Tecniques blush brush turned out not to be right for me for blusher but boy did it work for me for loose powder and in anycase the stippling brush turned out to be perfect for blusher so it was smiles all around.

Anyway, back to Real Techniques.  These are a range of brushes developed by Sam Chapman of Pixwoo fame.  All the brushes in the range have synthetic Taklon bristles, making them 100% cruelty free which is great.  The brushes themselves feel light and are comfortable in the hand.  They are not too long which is great (I've had issues with Millie and Ruby make-up brushes in the past due the brushes being too long and therefore making it difficult to get close to a mirror) and most of them have a flat base and so stand up on their own if needed.

Overall, I liked my two new brushes enough to go back to Boots and buy the Core Collection (£21.99) and the Starter Set (£21.99) bringing my Real Tecniques collection to 11 brushes.  I don't feel too guilty though as the prices are more than reasonable in my opinion.  I already had a mixed bag of make-up brushes in my collection, ranging for expensive Mac and Dior brushes and cheaper Body Shop brushes, however, I have to say that some of these have fallen to the side as the Real Techniques brushes have scrambled to my make-up brush top list.

The only (very slight) issue I had was with the Deluxe Crease Brush which I had to trim a little as it had a couple of 'loose hairs', but apart from this, these brushes are just amazing.

(Note: Prices for the brushes are from Boots as of 31st August 2012)

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