Monday, 23 July 2012

Classy Solution for Headphones

Throughout my working life, I have managed to go through a number of headphones.  The reason for the high-turnover is that I am always running over the headphone cord with my office chair and after a few rollovers the cord just ends up snapping.  Wrapping the headphones into loops doesn't help as I just end up with big knots and then have issues when clients call and I can't get my headphone on my head in time to accept their Skype calls.

Last year for my birthday I got an Aspinals of London Handbag hook which I liked but didn't want to carry around in my bag because it was just too pretty and I was paranoid that I would leave it in a bar somewhere in London!
Then, last week while I was having a clear out I found the hook and I had a light bulb moment and I realise that my handbag hook would work perfectly as a headphone hook. 

Its so nice to have something pretty in the office.

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