Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Graze box

This weeks Graze box was a success; I've been thinking about cancelling the boxes over the past few weeks as I was getting fed up of getting the same things over and again especially as I was getting notifications of brand new product lines. Seeing all those tempting boxes that I wasn't getting was annoying me!!
I've subscribed with Graze to recieve their boxes once a week, you can if you like get them everyday or every other week depending on how much you think you can eat. The boxes are the perfect size for a little snack, most of the ingrediants are relatively healthy and they help prevent me from going into starvation mode whilst working and then binging on an unhealthy lunch.

So, the conclusion? Well I think I'll keep getting it for now and hope that I still keep getting boxes that I like. The Summer Berry Compote and Dark Rocky Road was just too good!

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