Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Make-up Drawers

So, this tweet by Grazia_Live last week triggered a reply and then a major cleaning out frenzy for me and I've decided to try and clear out some of my make-up, here goes!

I started with literally just getting all my makeup and putting it on the floor to see what I was dealing with.

I found these drawers in Muji after seeing something similar on Keeping Up with the Kardashians a while back.  At £10.95 you can't go wrong (compared to the Kardashian's £117.95).

I sorted out all the make-up into categories (the Virgo in me coming out to play), brushes and tools, eyeliners, eye shadows, cheeks, skin coverup etc etc, and suddenly it didn't look too bad.

Popped all the drawers back in and voila!  Make-up all nice and tidy with the added benefit that I can see where everything is and its all easily accessible.

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