Monday, 16 July 2012

Jamie's Italian

The girls I got together for dinner and thought that we would go to the relatively new branch of Jamie's Italian in Islington.  Its a great branch, spacious with an open kitchen from where you can see (and hear) the chefs making your meal.

We kicked off proceedings with ginger mojitos, a really refreshing non-alocholic drink (I didn't miss the rum at all) and the Italian Bread Selection and the Italian Nachos which were amazing little fried ravioli stuffed with cheese and served with arrabiata sauce.  I'm going to have to try this one at home!

Had to take this picture VERY quickly as these were snaffled so fast!
For my main I had Jamie's Favourite Turkey Milanese, more because I fancied a fried egg than anything else, but it was just lovely, the turkey was flavoursome, especially due to the fact that it had been stuffed with procsciutto and fontina which just woke up the turkey and made it delicious.

The girls had the Free-Range Chicken, the Prawn Linguine, Penne Arrabiata and the Ravioli Primavera and they all reported that they were happy with their meals. The ravioli arrived with far too much salt, but this was sorted out by the waiter who bought out another portion with no fuss at all.

We all shared some Funky Chips and some Polenta Chips, the polenta chips just pipping the potato version to the post in terms of yummyness.

We finshed the meal off with a selection of desserts to share between the five of us (the Warm Brownie, the Tiramisu and the Almond Tart).  They all got polished off with great effciency, personally I thought that the Almond Tart was the best, but that has more to do with the fact that I'm obsessed with almonds then anything else. 

Overall, the food was great, the service was great, the venue was great and the company was great.  I know that some people complain about Jamie's Italian not being as authentic as it could be and being a bit boring, however, compared with Pizza Express, Zizzi and Ask, I think that the quality at Jamie's Italian is just better and we all went home with smiles on our faces :)

Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 3/5 
Ambience: 4/5.
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